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Download Enhanced Cards.dll and SeeThruClock for Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP

New! @filecat a File Cataloger for Microsoft Windows

Cards Cards.dll 2005.01 » «

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Cards.dll Enhanced is an alternative for Windows 2000 and XP Cards.dll. Windows Cards.dll is located in Windows\System32 folder and is used by several Windows games like Solitaire. Card.dll is also used by FreeCellPro 6.4.

Main improvements are better card drawing and user-defined decks with larger images. Requires desktop resolution greater than 1024x768 for maximum benefit. Using the setup file, provides install and uninstall support.

This enhanced Cards.dll makes use of MFC42.dll and some CommonControl and OLE dlls that are included in Windows 2000 & XP. This Cards.dll runs from a separate folder and does not physically replace any Windows OS files.

download SetupCard.exe - Click Here to Download Install file (2M)

download - Click Here to Download Zip file instead (1.9M)

To use Zip file, save and then unzip into any location. Replacing Windows Cards.dll is not recommended. View more details about Cards.dll Enhanced here.



SeeThruClock SeeThruClock 2005.02 » «



Displays an Analog Clock in a circular window on the screen. The adjustable opacity allows for use of this clock over other windows - TopMost Mode.

Other configurables include Seconds Hand, Day/Date, Colors and Font. Configuration options are available when you click the program icon in the taskbar/tray.

Using the setup file, provides install and uninstall support.

download SetupSeeThruClock.exe - Click Here to Download Install file (280K)

download - Click Here to Download Zip file instead (28K)

When using the Zip file for manual install, unzip contents into any convenient location. Then click or double-click on SeeThruClock.exe to start the clock. Note, if the clock is already running it will shutdown. Alternately use the Configuration Window to 'Close SeeThruClock'.

Configuration allows changing Clear, Background, Fill, and Frame Colors. Set the Clear color, then setting background, fill, or frame color to be the same as the Clear color will make the background, fill, or frame transparent.

Font and format of Day/Date display may be changed as needed - more detail here.


A more general-purpose clock and system metering tool is available elsewhere. See below...




SysMetrix - A skinnable clock with many extra features.



filecat @filecat 2005.04 » «

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@filecat is a File Cataloger that builds HTML catalogs. View a sample catalog (500 K) by clicking here.

@filecat.hta runs in Microsoft HTML Application host. It scans the local filesystem starting at the specified root folder. Use @filecat 2005.04 File Cataloger Utility to generate medium-sized (< 5000 file) formatted HTML catalogs of:

  • Internet Explorer Favorite URLs
  • Audio or Video Folders
  • CD or DVD Contents

Generated catalog files are quite large but provide a explorer-like tree view with find, magnify, key-navigation and execute functionality within modern browsers.

download - Click Here to Download Zip file (40 K)

download SetupFilecat.exe - Click Here to Download Self-Extracting Zip file instead (100 K)

Please note that manipulating catalogs with more than 5000 nodes may tie-up the browser for a long time.

On Windows XP SP2 please check mark 'Allow active content to run in files on My Computer' under the 'Security' section in the 'Advanced' tab in 'Internet Options' to allow nag-free loading of catalog files.


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