wall racks for bikes

The DIY Style of the Wall Bike Rack

Wall bike rack is something important to be considered in the time people need to save their bike in an artistic way. Of course this thing can be something weird for some people who are the beginners in the bike field. Nevertheless, for some other people, this creation can be assumed as the common one can be found. The creation of this kind of rack is different in some details […]

vesa wall mount

The Contemporary Style for the Monitor Wall Mount M

Monitor wall mount can be found as the part of modern furniture for being used commonly in modern house. People actually can compose the idea for using this kind of furniture based on the idea about the composition of modern style completely in their house. This one is interesting for being chosen by modern people because of that reason. Of course the simplicity aspect found commonly from the furniture can […]


The Kitchen and Bathroom Wall Mount Sink

Wall mount sink is the common sink can be found nowadays. It is usually placed in the kitchen and people can choose and consider some styles of the sink itself for being used in their kitchen. The consideration about this furniture must be composed relating too all of the details too. People for example must compose the kind of this furniture in the same time with the consideration about the […]

wall mount wine glass rack

The IKEA Style for the Artistic Wall Mount Wine Rack

Wall mount wine rack can be created based on the artistic design for making the better sense relating to the artistic sense of drink wine too. Of course the sense of the artistic can be different between one people and another. Because of that, people can compose the idea of making this kind of rack in their dining room or wherever they usually like to save wine based on their […]